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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

40% of tweets "pointless"

A report on Twitter yesterday claimed that only 5.85% of tweets are self promotion and 3.75% spam - you could have fooled me as I'd have said self promo was the prime force behind more than that! By carefully monitoring my follows I don't get much I consider spam.

And that's the point. Everyone's personal inbox will vary according to what they, as the gatekeepers, set up. That's why Twitter works. It puts you in control. As far as I can tell, this report is an analysis of the raw Twitter stream, which I doubt anyone actually experiences.

Apparently 8.7% of posts had "pass-along" value. And 40% were "pointless babble", although I expect their close mates would find it interesting enough at the time.

It's like any media. If I set up a newsletter confined to news about my street, a handful of people on the street and their mums might be interested. At least Twitter and other online media doesn't use up good paper & ink. Find the report at:

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