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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

No More Second Life For Online PR

word cloud of blog post on social media for PR and the end of Second Life
social media for PR

According to Joe Ciarallo at PRNewser virtual worlds like Second Life have had their day when it comes to PR applications. He reports USC Annenberg's Public Relations Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) Study.
They quizzed c400 communications executives on which "online channels" they use or plan to use. Virtual worlds ranked lowest for current and planned use. In contrast, video was highly ranked for current and future use.
Must admit we'd almost forgotten Second Life - social media can be cruelly fickle. With our associated online video facility we've been following the rise of the video star fro some time. The well-respected Forrester research reckon online video has the impact of up to 50 pieces of online text like this one. With YouTube second only to Google as a search engine, it's not just another social media fad.
Social media sites may come and go but the fundamentals of the way we communicate don't: it all boills down to words, pictures, audio or video which combines elements of all the others and conveys emotional impact with an immediacy that is hard to achieve in other communication forms. TV audiences outstrip print media, so it is no surprise that the amount of video watched online in the US has just tipped past the amount of TV watched. Faced with some of the poor quality content on US TV, this may not surprise everyone. But the online viewing trend is also on the rise here.
I can feel another video coming on....

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