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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Picture of a pile of newspapers and magazines celebrating PHPR's new daily newspaper online at Twitter
PHPR's new daily newspaper online - find it at Twitter
Have started using the ingenious - a free service to set up a daily PHPR 'newspaper.'

The clever bit is that I don't have to write a word. The online newspaper is automatically created out of the links posted by people I'm following on Twitter. Most of them are posting tips on boosting business or useful business tips generally.

Apart from being a much nicer way to read the content of my tweet-stream, my daily newspaper is promoted on Twitter to c2,000 people I'm following. And a post about the newspaper is generated every day to my followers.

So with my former magazine editor's hat on, I want to ensure people who read my newspaper have a good experience. And that means a big tidy-up of my tweet-stream to boost the quality of the content. And watching out to see whether someone is a one-post wonder before committing to following them.

It's an ongoing process, but I'm working on it to create a newspaper composed of the best tips from people I've found online - especially people with online PR and marketing ideas, but also posts on sustainability and things I've found really useful generally. Or a quote that 'spoke' to me.

Hope you enjoy it. Have a look at and go to to set up your own!

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