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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

PR Fees and Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution and results online and in the media
A business forum posting about press release distribution (from a member thanked over 100 times) claims that PR agencies want at least £3k and most want £7k plus for the work.

Really? I wish I could find people throwing these amounts at us for a release and we usually get brilliant results!

Then a couple of pages follow containing a few online distribution suggestions. But this is all back-to-front to my mind.

The secret is not just the distribution (and we submit to 100+ online sites + a wealth of off-line media), but what you distribute that counts. Good content is what matters if you want real business results from your releases: such as editors paying attention to your releases and giving you media coverage that raises your profile, increases sales enquiries and boosting your marketing and sales efforts. Plus journalists and potential clients reading your releases when they pop up on page one of Google searches.

The execution of the idea (spot-on writing and great distribution) is important, but it is just the carrier mechanism. The initial idea comes first.

The ideas generation is the bit that most business business owners find hard because they have too little time to come up with stories or visual ideas. It's also a question of focus - you need to live and breathe media to be in the groove. We are constantly focussing on news stories. In fact, we often find businesses sitting on great stories that have been completely over-looked. Years of editing, broadcasting and journalism experience probably help, allied to both online and off-line PR skills.

We also invest in high quality media data service providers - online and off, including bloggers and freelancers, to ensure that clients' releases get the maximum exposure because you only get one chance with each release. Our distribution service further maximises that one chance by allowing us to embed pictures and videos within the release without clogging up editors' in-boxes. Online editors in particular like media options to enliven their pages. Plus several trade press editors I've spoken to are so fed up with pack shots that they say they will print "almost anything within reason as long as it comes with a decent picture" to brighten up their page layout - we know who they are!

We also:
  • Optimise the release to boost your website ranking and SEO results
  • Then go online to report on the distribution success of your release.
  • Help promote the release further with cross posts on social media.
  • Offer suggestions for further social media exposure, or handle these for you.
  • Plus offer advanced media training for crisis and contingency planning - and handling media enquiries effectively.
Maybe some of the PR agencies the forum poster was thinking of do more than this for their £7k, and that's fine.

We just think that our service will suit people who want effective results.

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