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Friday, 25 March 2011

LinkedIn now has 100 million professionals worldwide and is growing at the astonishing rate of "roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at faster than one member per second."

The site is used in over 200 countries and territories around the world, with more than half of our users coming from outside of the U.S. Source: LinkedIn blog)

Fast Company recently listed LinkedIn at no 24 in their top 50 most innovative companies and hinted the company may go public to expand further, but they're not doing too badly already and easily surpassed their 2009 revenues ($120.13m) in the first 9 months of 2010 ($161.4m). I guess the recession focused minds on sharpening up network connections - and there is no better way to credibly expand your work-related circle imo. The power of the Linked-In groups is the real key here.

More interestingly, cofounder and executive chairman, Reid Hoffman told Fast Company that "We're taking the aggregate data set and turning it into new products that are useful for everyone. That means that users can now search new Company Pages to find connections to a given company (as well as recent hirings and firings), while college students can use a new app called Career Explorer to follow the employment footsteps of real people. "Where do people normally go when they graduate with my major? Which universities does this company hire from? There's a massive lack of information," says Hoffman. "When everyone can see the patterns, it's useful to everyone."

Scott Nicholson and Anita Lillie, from LinkedIn's data sciences team, created the brilliant infographic on LinkedIn's journey on in user growth and user engagement.

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