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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

European ATM fraud losses drop again - down 14%

Press Release: Edinburgh EAST (the European ATM Security Team) has reported a 14% drop in ATM related fraud losses in 2010, with total losses of €268 million reported (down €44 million from €312 million in 2009).

This is the second successive annual drop, following on from the 36% fall reported for 2009.

This fall is driven by a reduction in losses due to card skimming attacks, which have fallen for the past six half yearly reporting periods, from a peak of €315 million in December 2007, to the current level of €123 million in December 2010. ATM related fraud attacks fell by 7% with a total of 12,383 incidents reported (down from 13,269 incidents in 2009).

EAST Director and Coordinator Lachlan Gunn said, "The continuing drop in fraud losses is very good news for both cardholders and the industry, and indicates that the significant investment made by the European banking sector into EMV technology, as well as into anti-skimming devices at ATMs, is now really starting to pay off. That being said, these statistics are for Europe as a whole, and seven out of the twenty two contributing countries reported an increase in skimming related losses, a significant increase in some cases. EAST is always urging cardholders to be vigilant when using ATMs and cardholder security tips are provided on the EAST website – the top tip is to shield your PIN when making a transaction ….”

The majority (82%) of ATM related card skimming losses are now international (losses outside national borders by criminals using stolen card details) with most now occurring in countries outside of Europe. The risk of counterfeit EMV cards being used to withdraw cash fraudulently from ATMs in parts of the world that are not EMV compliant remains high and is leading some European card issuers to implement additional security measures.

Physical attacks on European ATMs, have fallen by 16% when compared with 2009 (down from 2,468 to 2,062 incidents). Within this total the number of reported explosive and gas attacks (278) has gone up for the second year in succession, an 88% increase when compared to 2009. Overall losses rose 18% to €33 million (up from €28 million in 2008).

*EMV (also known as ‘chip and PIN’) is an industry standard for Smart Cards and card readers, supported by the European Payments Council and the major payment schemes
A summary of the report statistics under the main headings is in the table below. The full report, with breakdowns for each crime category, is available to EAST subscribers on the EAST website


ATM Related Fraud Attacks 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 % +/- 09/10
Total reported Incidents 5,784 4,934 12,278 13,269 12,383 -7%
Total reported losses €306m €439m €485m €312m €268m -14%

ATM Related Physical Attacks 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 % +/- 09/10
Total reported Incidents 2,207 3,550 3,043 2,468 2,062 -16%
Total reported losses €28m €31m €26m €28m €33m +18%

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Good Looking Chimp for Integrated Email, Newsletters and Social Media

I always find really good things came out of voluntary activity, although it would be impossible to predict them and counter-productive to try. Just give and be delighted if something comes along. A bit like the bulbs I always forget I've planted. When they pop up and surprise me in the spring, they make me really happy.

And I'm just as delighted this morning finding a really useful and lovely-looking piece of software.

I remember being really supportive when the Travelling Gallery (I'm on their advisory panel) in Edinburgh applied for a grant to further digitise their operation. The specially designed vehicle takes cutting edge contemporary art to communities all over Scotland. The staff have now been on various training courses and reported the results at our meeting yesterday. I could see that the tools they were learning to use are good as I use some of them at PHPR. One in particular caught my eye: Mailchimp. It's one of these mail manager pieces of software I've been vaguely aware of, but haven't got round to trying out.

Prompted by the meeting, I had a look this morning.

First impressions - it looks seriously useful, especially as it has social media integration tools. And I like the graphics. That could sound trite, but to me good design both inspires confidence and has to be easy to use. So far, so good. I'm looking forward to further excursions with this chimp!

Have you tried it? What do you think? I'd love to hear what you think - and what is your favourite mailing/CRM tool? Just comment below.

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: TV Channel on YouTube: Ltd on LinkedInFollow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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Friday, 1 April 2011

3 Ways to Find Your Voice in Business

Speaking up for yourself is important in business, whether you run your own outfit or employed. It's excellent PR. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively makes you stand out - and that may be why most of us cringe at the idea of standing up and speaking. All that lingering teen angst about not sticking out like a sore thumb!

A New York Times survey on social anxieties found that our 'confident' American cousins were more afraid of walking into a roomful of strangers or public speaking than death itself!

Hence tip no. 1: Get hold of the book ....And Death Came Third
This book has the most succinct and useful tips I've seen on networking and public speaking in one slim volume. The authors, Andy Lopata and Peter Roper, really do know what they are talking about.

Tip No. 2: Practice makes perfect
The more you do it, the easier it gets. And there's an inexpensive solution: a not-for-profit organisation called Toastmasters International. They started in the US in the 1920s. Today there's over 12,000 clubs in more than 100 countries world-wide. Once you join you can go to any open club (there's some employee-only clubs set up by companies). The UK has around 250 self-help Toastmasters clubs using the excellent training manuals and constructive feedback and evaluation techniques in a supportive environment. The manuals cover both leadership skills and public speaking. The meeting agenda is structured to maximise impromptu speaking opportunities as well as provide feedback on prepared speeches. Membership fees vary according to the club expenses - the main one being the venue hire. The two Edinburgh clubs I belong to cost under £100 a year each for fortnightly training and practice sessions plus training manuals. There's a one-off £20 charge for joining Toastmasters. Our Edinburgh club members range from students to company directors, authors, coaches, poets, recovering stammerers, non native English speakers (imagine doing this in a foreign language!) to retired people.

Tip No 3: Take it further
If you want to promote your business. get out there and give great talks. Read Lilly Walters' book, Secrets of Successful Speakers to start your professional speaking journey. The author is a speaker and also runs a major professional speakers bureau in the US. She's also pulled in top contributors.

So many people are afraid of speaking that organisations are often desperate for good speakers. You can make good money too! I've never given a major speech or workshop without getting good opportunities back for PHPR. But you do have to give your experience generously and in an engrossing or entertaining manner.

When you are starting to get speaking bookings, think about joining the Professional Speakers Association for great tips on all aspects of professional speaking from experienced and successful speakers - and a chance to showcase your work with professional feedback.

Just to prove that I walk the talk, I'm delivering at least one speech a month to business organisations and have won the first two heats of an international speech contest.

There's something to improve every level of public speaking experience in the above. What are you waiting for?

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: TV Channel on YouTube: Ltd on LinkedInFollow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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