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Thursday, 24 November 2011

PHPR's Publicity Clubs Pilot Aired in Edinburgh

Nearly 30 interested participants from Edinburgh and Glasgow came to the Publicity Clubs' taster session at HSBC bank to hear how the core concept: small group (6-8 business owners) shared publicity consultancy could deliver nearly £11,000 of publicity value a year for just £200 pcm over the course of a year (special price for the pilot phase). The Edinburgh Publicity Club is due to meet at lunchtime in central Edinburgh on the last Thursday of the month.

PHPR's MD, Penny Haywood Calder, outlined the media, social media and online PR benefits of raising the profile. She set attendees 'homework' for a prosperous 2012, designed to tease out key figures that could double sales at no extra cost during 2012.

The first Publicity Club meeting will focus on creating a 90 day action plan designed to spot niches, identify goals and ways to make them happen in the first quarter of 2012.
David Clark from leading internet marketing company, Attacat is fresh from leading his team on an email campaign that won a major email marketing award from Marketing Sherpa for more than quadrupling their clients' business. He shared his tips on how they did that with practical hands-on advice. He said, "Anyone in this room could do it, although obviously, we're very happy to help those who don't have the time..."

David Calder from is Penny's husband. He will be delivering help to Publicity Club members with communications skills training and DIY video. He shared his top tips on getting clarity into stories to generate more media interest.

Mark J Livingstone, business specialist from HSBC, the Publicity Clubs' host, explained how their business services are integrated to deliver joined-up banking.

Publicity Club meetings are scheduled to start in January with the first meeting focusing on clear messaging, clear niches and the creation of a 90-day action plan with clear marketing metrics.

Members' benefits' include:
  • pro support to brainstorm ideas for press releases (or articles)
  • pro editing support
  • pro video support
  • pro researched media lists
  • content templates
  • online press release distribution with 40 pieces of online media coverage guaranteed.
  • social media reports and assistance
  • group testing of websites for effectiveness
  • mastermind sessions to blitz problems
  • access to over 100 ideas for generating referrals
  • proven sales, marketing and PR techniques all designed to make businesses grow.
Publicity Clubs is Penny's brainchild. It follows on her pioneering DIY PR workshops and an eponymous business book, where she catalogued 30 free and low cost sales, marketing and PR techniques based on effect plus skills and resources. Plus introduced planned publicity and media relations, with templates for common business press releases and a media relations guide. DIY PR helped small businesses owners chose the most effective publicity tools to match their personal skills, resources and desired results.

The Publicity Clubs adds in monthly hand-on support to keep the momentum going, plus online PR and marketing. Plus David Calder's broadcasting, video and communications skills and a host of support experts offering insights and advice.

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: TV Channel on YouTube: Ltd on LinkedInFollow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

PHPR to Launch First Publicity Club to boost Edinburgh Businesses

We are piloting Publicity Clubs, grouping small business owners who seriously want to grow their businesses, to provide cost-effective publicity online and in the media.

The first publicity club's free taster session is in central Edinburgh at noon on Thursday 24th November. 12-2pm on Thursday, 24th November at HSBC Bank, 1st Floor, Hobart House, 80 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EL - to book your place email: RSVP pubclubs @

Penny Haywood Calder from PHPR says, “We are aiming to deliver up to £1,000 publicity value each month for every individual publicity club member to turbo-charge small businesses in Edinburgh. I will personally lead the sessions using my DIY PR training experience that helped 1,000s of small business owners over 10 years and culminated in the DIY PR book. Plus my online experience that goes back to 1985 when I launched the world’s first online bank for a well known Scottish bank. We will also bring in outside experts. ”

By working in small groups, the Publicity Club members are effectively clubbing together to buy:

  1. Monthly meetings and on-going email support
  2. Pro PR support for planning and strategy to maximise their efforts and create rolling 90-day Publicity Action Plans,
    Plus support to produce:
  3. Clear sales messages
  4. Effective web copy with website clinics
  5. Marketing materials
  6. Online content generation for Google domination!
  7. Social media on steroids: why post to one when you can reach scores with a few more clicks?
  8. On and offline press releases and/or article marketing
  9. Video training
  10. Online name protection
All proven to get the businesses noticed online and in the media.


  • Structured peer-group support
  • Guest expert insights
  • Discounts and deals
  • A working lunch
All for a monthly subscription of £200. Kindly supported by HSBC.

There are a limited number of places for the free taster – with a sandwich lunch and guaranteed top social media tips – place are available on a first come, first served basis. RSVP: (you may have to prove you are human to get through my filter).

It’s a no-obligation meeting with Penny welcoming feedback on the ideas.

The first Publicity Club proper is scheduled to start in January, or when we reach a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 committed members. It will meet on the last Thursday of the month at lunchtime in HSBC’s meeting room in Hobart House.

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: TV Channel on YouTube: Ltd on LinkedInFollow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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