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Friday, 30 December 2011

On the 11th Day – Tell Stories

Once Upon A Time

It’s one thing to have nailed a clear succinct description of what you offer. It’s quite another to develop and sustain interest in the company and its brands.

Fortunately people have sat around campfires for millennia entertaining each other with stories and songs. While singing might be a marketing step too far for most of us, we are hard-wired through evolution to remember stories.

Sooner or later you’ll need to develop or capture the cracking tales that make up the backstory about your company and add them to your Blog Inspiration Folder.
How it all came about.
The passions that inspired the products or services.
The lengths you went to develop them so they inspire others in the company to emulate you.
The epic first breakthrough sale that nearly got away.
The quirky start-up premises.
The people that went the extra mile (with examples).
The idea that got you out of bed to create this.
The reason why your company is different.
And why it is so darn good.

All to support the big inspiring vision. That core ethos and the stories around it will carry the company and ensure that people within the company know intuitively how you go about things as you grow.

Plus all this makes for a far more interesting and memorable read than most website About Us pages. In an era where people see thousands of corporate identities every day, unless they are in a very remote rural area without electricity, standing out means being memorable.

Stories are the stuff to kick-start inspiring blog pieces, or enliven newsletters and stimulate chats around the coffee pot. It’s the personality of the company. And the stories will march on in the imagination of everyone that hears them if they are vivid enough.

Stories are heep big company magic. Use them well. Need inspiration? Did you know that there are only 7 basic types of stories? The archetypes?

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