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Saturday, 31 December 2011

On the 12th Day – Get Talked About

There’s nothing more credible than a happy client referring you. They’ll tend to do that immediately after using you, so give them the tools to do that and encourage the referrals. You may even manage to capture some on video for the website.
Oddly, most cash rewards for referrals don’t work too well. Some people feel awkward and that inhibits the whole referral process. If they sound you out on incentives, that’s a different story. Especially if they are genuinely enthusiastic and have a suitable client base. They are in a position to spend some additional effort on marketing you. They may be exploring turning into part-time sales agents for you.
Otherwise, a bunch of flowers or a bottle of something nice might work better than cash – especially if it is unexpected. The more you can find out about people’s preferences the better and this is a case where social media could well help you.
Need inspiration?
We have over 100 ways to generate referrals on offer at the Publicity Clubs. It’s the fastest and most credible way to boost a business. We even know of companies that write referrals into their contract or Terms and Conditions, provided that the customer is satisfied, of course.

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