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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

On the Eighth Day – Get Blogging!

Today’s top tip you can do right now to help get you and your company better known in 2012 is to resolve to blog regularly.

Start a Blog Inspiration Folder in a spreadsheet or Word table, or collect references in EverNote, a Wiki, or a mind-mapped knowledge base like FreeMind. Whatever suits you best.

Collect links to articles and snippets of info, notes, quotations, diagrams and pictures (but watch out for copyright conditions). It will become a resource for any sort of content, whenever you need ideas for a newsletter, an e-book or an expert guide. A special report or a survey. Articles or press releases.

A big tip is to research or develop picture or video ideas at the same time so you can illustrate the ideas well as opposed to scrambling around for a generic and dull library shot at the last minute. Just remember to fully re-write any text that has inspired you if you are not acknowledging it as an attributed quotation because copyright is usually automatically invested in the originator.

Blog ideally once a week, whether that’s outsourced or done in house. According to the inbound marketing experts: companies with blogs attract 55% more visitors to their websites than those that don't have them. That’s double the opportunities to convert visitors into sales.

Companies with blogs also have 97% more inbound links which signal authority to search engines, increasing the chances of getting found in search engines. Plus a staggering 434% more indexed pages. More pages improves your chances of being found in search engines.
However, that’s blogs with content going onto your own domain name (as opposed to going onto the blogging software site). Make sure the blog is set up on your own domain.

Blog content goes into Google really fast: within an hour or so, compared to weeks or months for a static website, so you can use your blog to boost traffic quite quickly.

Need inspiration?

Enquire about the Publicity Clubs – one of our months involves a blog-a-day challenge. Even if you don’t manage to finish it, you’ll have 30 ideas for blog pieces to write or outsource: that’s more than 6 months’ worth if you have decided to post one a week!

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