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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

On the Ninth Day – Get Writing!

You know that Blog Inspiration Folder you started yesterday? Well, today’s top tip you can do right now to help get you and your company better known in 2012 is to resolve to re-cycle your best blog pieces by re-writing them in an article format – or getting someone else to do it. But check first before spending time or money.

Look out for relevant publications your potential customers might see. Maybe trade publications or members’ magazines for organisations you belong to? Plus relevant specialist magazines and local media. See where your material might fit in, then email a short note to the editor outlining your article idea and why their readers might find it useful. Add a couple of sentences about you and your company, so that they can see you know the sector.

Quite often, an editor will respond saying they’ve just covered that angle, but suggest another idea. This is important - this idea has been suggested because they know their readers are interested, so you have a high chance of publication. Accept if you can and ensure the article sticks to the editor’s brief in terms of length, tone and content, including any graphs or pictures. You can always re-purpose this piece later for your blog – but not before the publication that commissioned it has appeared. It was their idea after all.

The rule is to avoid overt advertising: you are aiming to demonstrate expertise. Offer insight so that people are drawn to you for advice. It’s their paper and ink or web presence they’re investing in your article. If you supply advertising copy, or text with too many search terms and links (for online copy) you’ll be passed to their advertising sales team and are unlikely to be given a second chance at supplying editorial copy.

Need inspiration?

Seek it in the publications you hope to conquer!

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