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Monday, 26 December 2011

On the Seventh Day – Get Engaged With the Media!

The access that key media and bloggers provide is so important that today’s top tip you can do right now to help get you and your company better known in 2012 is to resolve to help the media and bloggers whenever you get the opportunity. Even if it’s not obviously going to boost your business – that will really impress them that you are helpful and get you into their address books.

Media usually need unique quotes to differentiate their version of your story from their competitors, but many larger organisations are slow to get back to smaller media outlets, so that often gives helpful spokespeople from smaller businesses an opening to get media mentions. Just one media mention opens the door to thousands of people and gives you a lasting claim to boost your credibility on your home page and email signature (and any other marketing materials) : "as seen in ...." It's almost as good as winning an award!

Need inspiration?

We do our best to help the media with enquiries if we can think of anything useful to offer. Even when unsolicited. I remember helping a key writer on a top national newspaper with a communications project he’s been asked to do for a not-for-profit organisation. I found his information and spotted a gap. I sent an unsolicited draft to fill it and politely explained why, thus flagging and fixing the problem in one go.

I didn’t have any press releases relevant to that writer after that for some 18 months, then one day, we included him in a press release distribution. I got almost instant feedback, a piece on his influential blog plus a long exchange in the comments section. He still answers my emails personally.

Several times, I have helped editors of new publications by providing articles at a time when they were unproven and not even on the radar of most media database providers. It’s always created a great vibe and my calls and emails get replies years later.

Top Tip: get in early!

If you encounter a new start-up blog or publication in your space and the content and attitude seems reasonable, remember that getting in early creates a warm glow that lasts if the new venture takes off.

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