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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

PHPR Publicity Club’s 12 Days of Easy Tips to Boost Business in 2012 - Day 1

Forget the 12 days of Christmas! There’s only 12 days left to the New Year. So get 2012 off to a great start with 12 day’s worth of easy publicity tips.

Even outside a recession, businesses on average lose 10% of their custom every year through no fault of their own. People move on. Businesses come and go. So publicity is not optional: it’s necessary to stand still, let alone grow. So resolve to get you and your business get noticed in 2012 with 12 easy things to do in 12 days.

You don’t have to do it all at once. A lot of the tips are designed to re-vamp and re-use existing material, so you get maximum exposure for minimum effort.

We know that shoe-horning extra stuff into your day won’t work as we all revert to habit as soon as the going gets tough. If you can’t beat habits, you might as well harness them. That’s why we encourage you set up a publicity habit in January. Get to get into the habit of doing a little publicity each day. Just make it a habit to get more visible every day, even if you only invest an extra 10 mins a day: that’s nearly an hour of extra publicity a week. c3.5 hours a month and a full 40 hours – a whole working week – a year. It all adds up. You could call this a tip, but it's just a starter bonus.

TIP NO I – Communicate Clearly
No matter how complicated your product or service is, no one has the time or the will to work out what you mean: and that is especially true of potential clients or customers, reporters and influential bloggers.

From winning new business to clinching awards or securing funding, clarity inspires confidence by communicating clear focus and direction.

Plus a short phrase is dead easy to pass on, especially if it has an emotive hook to make it memorable. People like recommending people, so help them to help you by making it easy, so you get the lion’s share of recommendations. This is very important because word of mouth is particularly powerful.

So today’s top tip you can do right now to help get you and your company better known in 2012 is to sum up what your business offers customers, in just seven (or less) words, including an emotive word to pull in people who need your service. Not just want: need.

Just ask yourself, how can I sum up the benefits of using us? Then keep noting down things that pop into your mind during the day.

Once you’ve nailed what you do clearly and succinctly, communicate that on everything you put out: from the home page of your website, email and forum signatures, social media profiles, marketing materials, to the answer you give when people ask: “What do you do?”

Need inspiration?Edward de Bono wrote a great book called Simplicity on the huge business advantages simple clarity brings. Our blog piece
(HERE) won’t take so long to read and it shows how entire disciplines and businesses are summed up in just 7 words. And the power of the emotive hook.

What are Publicity Clubs?

Briefly, the idea is the idea is for small business owners to club together to get:

Monthly publicity generation and planning meetings and on-going email support
Pro PR support for planning and strategy to maximise publicity efforts and create rolling 90-day Publicity Action Plans,

Plus hands-on support to produce:
1) Clear sales messages
2) Effective web copy with website clinics - including testing each others' sites out
3) Marketing materials
4) Online content generation for Google domination with easy to use templates to give us the details we can knock into shape for releases etc.
5) Social media on steroids: why post to one when you can reach scores with a few more clicks? We show you how.
6) On and offline press releases and/or article marketing
7) Video training
8) Online name protection

All proven to get the businesses noticed online and in the media.


9) Structured peer-group support
10) Guest expert insights
11) Discounts and deals
12) A working lunch

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