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Monday, 13 February 2012

Twitter Bios for Effective PR

Setting up a new Publicity Clubs' Twitter account, and looking for some useful people to follow for our new band of members*.

Ran some searches and rounded up the usual suspects. Then started getting fascinated by the different approaches to writing Twitter bios taken by a group of mainly comms pros.

Some left their comms creds at the door as they created hopelesslessly fragmented bios.

Some put estate agents' abbreviations to shame - including no spaces after punctuation, showing little respect for readability or the reader.

A lot of self-confessed caffeine addicts and other proudly boasted tame excesses that seemed rather twee attempts to sound interesting.

A few were genuinely funny (imo), like the "Digital Cat Herder. I clean up on Facebook and Twitter after the Kids You Hired had their fun" (@StephenCaggiano) - irresistable!

So many superflous ! marks hopefully inserted to add interest or emphasis, but just spell out: I'm too lazy to be genuinely interesting.

Some with so many @ links, they make your eyes spin. You just know they have bitten Satan's SEO apple (SEO at all costs and to hell with the content).

Some seem interesting at first, then you discover your interest has been snared in one language - but they mainly tweet in another. For example, I was tempted by the description: "PR snorkel". Seemed curious enought to warrant further investigation, only to discover Remco Janssen tweets mainly in Dutch. Prolific Tweeter though. If you understand Dutch.

And some that deliver what they do with an interesting hook in 7 words or less and stand out like a cool clear draught of fresh spring water, compared to murkier waters.

@publicityclubs to see who we have followed.
Our Main Twitter account is @PennyHaywood run by PHPR's MD as we wanted to demonstrate the personal input from the top. Our other Twitter accounts are holding spaces to protect our brand names: #PHPR and #Publicity Clubs.

*Publicity Clubs for small business owners who will be enjoying shared publicity consultancy and support, starting on Feb 23rd. The group will meet monthly thereafter in central Edinburgh on the last Thursday of the month

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Anonymous Remco Janssen said...

Thanks for the nice comments, although I recently changed snorkel (snork, yes from the cartoon) to dude; but I feel like I should change it back now!

As a matter of fact, I will!

I try to tweet in English as much as possible, but I feel a little ressentiment to do it totally, even with Dutch tweeps. Some do, yet to me it comes across as un-snork-like behaviour right? ;-)

(To make you a little jealous hopefully, I can also tweet in German, French ans Spanish if you'd like.)

23 February 2012 at 09:31  

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