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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Electrum’s KiiDocs Lite Help Fund Managers beat EU UCITS* KIIDs’ July Deadline

Electrum, the leading automated documents provider launches a low cost solution enabling fund managers to comply with new EU regulations to produce Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) before July 1.

Edinburgh, UK. May 2012. Electrum, the leading automated documents provider, is warning fund managers that time is running out to complete the Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) for UCITS* investment funds . KIIDs are designed to make it easier for investors to compare funds from different providers from across the EU, by standardising and streamlining the presentation of key information. The EU regulation deadline for KIIDs is 1 July 2012. 

*UCITS are Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities.

To help fund managers meet the deadline, Electrum, whose clients include Standard Life, Schroders and Kames Capital among other market leaders, has produced a low-cost version of their “KiiDocs”  product: KiiDocs Lite.  KiiDocs Lite makes it easy to gather and review the information required for the KIIDs, and turn that information into fully-branded PDFs within minutes.

Stuart Harper, Electrum’s MD says, “From our competitor analysis and client feedback, KiiDocs Lite typically halves the cost of producing KIID compliance documentation. Clients have also given us positive feedback about how quickly they can have draft KIIDs.

KiiDocs Lite is a hosted application accessed using a web browser. It is available on an all-inclusive basis, with no set-up charges, for an annual fee that is dependent on the number of KIIDs produced.
Since no locally-installed software is required, new clients can start using KiiDocs Lite immediately.
The KIID information is entered using an Excel spreadsheet pre-populated with named columns for all the required pieces of information. A sample spreadsheet makes it easy to see what goes where. Clients simply fill out the spreadsheet using one row per fund / share class and upload to the KiiDocs system. The generated PDFs are easy to customise with logos and corporate colours. The system also automatically creates the requisite Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) graphic and past-performance chart. KiiDocs Lite ensures that the content fits the prescribed two-page format by shrinking the font size where necessary (a warning is generated if the text becomes too small).

The KIIDs must be reviewed and updated at least once per year and KiiDocs Lite makes this very easy. Simply update the relevant parts of the Excel file and upload to generate new documents. KiiDocs Lite has a built in audit trail showing the complete history of each document, allowing any version of the uploaded data or the generated documents to be downloaded at any time.

Background Information on Electrum

Electrum is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specialises in automated document and reporting solutions for the financial services sector.
Electrum has clients in major financial centres in the UK, Europe and the US.
Established in 1998 at Edinburgh, Electrum has a strong history of developing first-class document automation solutions.
Electrum products include:
Automated Documents: High quality solutions for print or web ready documents in a range of formats including Office and PDF, such as:
·         KiiDocs: automation of the production of Key Investor Information Documents as part of the UCITS IV directive.
·         DocGen: Automatically create print ready professional standard documents containing text, tables and charts from spreadsheet data
·         Factua: automatic generation of print-ready fund factsheets
·         Slide Library: Automatically create and update branded, consistent PowerPoint presentations from a library of approved slides.
·         Presentation Library System: automatic generation of Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF presentations from a store of approved slides
·         Proposal Template: Produce compliant proposals from a library of approved content
Document Management & Workflow:
Solutions based on MOSS 2007 & WSS3 as standalone portals or part of a larger Microsoft based Electrum solution stack. Examples include:
·         Virtualboardroom: Automatic consolidation of hosted documents into one professional print-ready pdf for board packs, consolidated reports and proposals
Microsoft Office Templates & Add-ins:
Ranging from simple templates & add-ins to the automatic generation of large and complex documents and PowerPoint presentations, e.g.
·         Smart Templates:  brand-specific templates allow complex designed documents to be simply produced in-house using Word. A branding toolbar has buttons to automatically create complex branding elements such as tables, charts and side-bars. Plus document-specific business logic. Can be integrated into larger systems.
Bespoke Development & Consultancy:
Helping to make businesses run more efficiently, effectively and productively.
·         Expert consultancy across a wide range of sectors for clients of any size, from farmers to designers.
·         Bespoke development services, mainly web-based, using a variety of languages and platforms.

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: PHPR TV Channel on YouTube: PHPR Ltd on LinkedIn Follow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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Friday, 25 May 2012

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PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: PHPR TV Channel on YouTube: PHPR Ltd on LinkedIn Follow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Edinburgh PR Agency Offers Publicity Clubs Support to Small Businesses

Publicity Clubs - shared-cost consultancy for ambitious small business owners.

PHPR's first Publicity Club has been running for nearly 3 months in Edinburgh, meeting monthly to help members develop and implement a series of 4 x 90-day Publicity Action Plans designed to deliver clear business objectives. The meetings provide support, motivation and training to get the right marketing, sales, PR and social media activity all pulling together towards a strategically-planned and profitable future. Publicity Clubs members also get direct 1-2-1 hands-on support  in-between meetings. 
PHPR's pilot Publicity Clubs has attracted interest from business owners in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

How Much Do They Cost?

The pilot group will deliver up to £1,000 of publicity support each month to each participant for £200, subject to a year's contract and non-disclosure agreements to build an effective Publicity Clubs group.

What Do Publicity Clubs Offer Me?

Work with a small group and split the investment in professional publicity support to get:
Monthly publicity generation, planning and on-going email support

Pro PR support for planning and strategy to maximise publicity efforts and create rolling 90-day Publicity Action Plans,

Plus hands-on support to produce:

1) Clear sales messages

2) Effective web copy with website clinics - including testing each others' sites out
3) Marketing materials
4) Content generation for Google domination with easy to use templates to tease out the details to create content (video scripts, press releases, articles, expert guides, e-book formats, white papers, blogs and associated social media posts.)
5) Social media on steroids: why post to one when you can reach scores with a few more clicks? We show you how.
6) On and offline press releases and/or article marketing - properly and comprehensively distributed
7) Video training: one video is equal to >50 pieces of text online according to Forrester Research - we show you how and provide expert sessions to make your own
8) Online name protection
(All proven to get the businesses noticed online and in the media.)
Plus Added Value:
9) Structured peer-group support

10) Guest expert insights
11) A working lunch

What Does PHPR Know about Small Business Publicity?

Founded in 1986 as Penny Haywood PR, PHPR was set up by Penny Haywood who worked on shoe-string publicity in fringe theatres, where she discovered how to make creativity and a brass neck serve as a publicity budget. She found out how to do PR on a local, national and international scale at the Bank of Scotland where she helped launch the world's first online bank (HOBS - Home & Office Banking) in 1985. HOBS opened Penny's eyes to the business and PR potential of technology and she has been online ever since.

She set up a PR and editing business. The business start-up course she attended had only one piece of publicity advice: advertise. Knowing that few start-ups could afford advertising, she ended up taking that part of the course. A participant got onto national TV a few days later and the word spread fast. Penny was in demand, teaching DIY PR skills to small business owners on top of her day job: running her PR business.

The DIY PR courses started by finding out what was already working for the smaller business owners, and gradually Penny built up a complete set of sales, marketing and PR techniques that were proven to work in smaller businesses. After ten years of training thousands of smaller business owners in DIY PR, she was persuaded to write DIY PR, the small business owner's guide to 'free' publicity (Batsford, 1998, paperback).

With the widespread advent of social media, the opportunities for small businesses to punch well above their weight and dominate market niches has never been greater - or cheaper, But the most precious commodity is now time, Penny believes that an integrated approach to both online and offline publicity maximises opportunities and produces consistency. She warns: "Ad hoc efforts by time-pressured business owners often does the opposite: it pulls the business reputation in several different directions, loses focus, confuses the messages and leads to lost opportunities. Less is more and most business owners don't do enough with their best publicity material. We show them how to save time and increase the impact, and we'll help create content that works on and offline."

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK. URL: PHPR TV Channel on YouTube: PHPR Ltd on LinkedIn Follow PennyHaywood on Twitter

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