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Friday, 14 December 2012

Accredited CIPR, Comic Timing and Public Speaking

Just filling in my CPD to maintain my Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR) Advanced Practitioner.
Not exacting the most compelling task on my desk. 
Every year I diarise to do it in quarterly chunks. But, I've done it again. I've left myself with a year's worth to log. 
At least I put all the useful downloads in one annual training folder. 
And that's the only stuff that gets logged - or a bit of it. Because I spent a heck of a lot of time in training. You'd think that 30 odd years of learning would have been enough to stuff my head with enough knowledge and practice to last a whole career, but I now understand remark my university professor at our last meeting: "The more you know, the more you know there is to know." Yup.
Just keeping up with interesting trends in content marketing, online PR and social media is a big chunk of my day.. but the results we're getting for clients keep growing and that's what will keep us in business.
At least my progress in Toastmasters is logged on their site. I must remember this year to include my Advanced Communicator' Silver award (ACS)- that includes completing the speech projects in an advanced manual I'd been dreading, but knew I needed to do: Humorously Speaking. I'm not a great joke teller, and that hasn't changed, but five speech projects.later, my humorous story-telling  suddenly snapped into place when I finally got the hang of comic timing - in the last project. 
Now I'm going for gold.
I wrote a goal a few years ago to develop into a professional public speaker. This year I've been invited to join two pro public speaking bureaux. Now that's progress and testament to the results that long-term training brings!

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