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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Social Media Mastheads

TartanTango by Penny Haywood Calder At PHPR 

If you're looking for an abstract pattern in your corporate colours, you could do worse than colouring in one of the ready made pattern templates over at the site. It's an online community dedicated to all things colourful. There's tools for creating all sorts of things from colour schemes, through to your very own fabric and decal designs - which you can have printed and buy (or sell) through their associates.
There's a whole raft of social tools and it seems a welcoming place.
I remember their tools were available to create individual backgrounds in an earlier version of Twitter and it looks like they've really upped their game since then.
You may even find that a colour you select from the graduated palette has not been used by anyone else, so you get to name it! I couldn't resist doing that and named three shades of green. Maybe others don't bother after the one or two? There's two unique greens in the tartan tango design I made earlier.
Go on, put a spot of colour in your life!

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