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Friday, 1 March 2013


Today's word of the day!

As a former journalist and editor, I love words. I spontaneously collect them. Ever since I was a child, I particularly delight in words that roll around the tongue in a satisfying way.
That's why I enjoyed discovering copacetic (kōpəˈsetik) this morning.
Try saying it aloud. To my ear it has a pleasing, precise, staccato quality.
It's an adjective meaning "In excellent order" , "Cool, OK, excellent".
I found it used by Andrea Drennen, an inbound marketer from the Florida area - on the Inbound Marketing group at LinkedIn - in the context of discussing blog copy. There's a nice alliteration in copacetic copy.
My research into its meaning produced another felicitous find: Michael Quinion's site World Wide Words. He writes from the British perspective on international English. Apparently copacetic is " rare to the point of invisibility outside North America." 
So now I don't feel so dumb for not knowing what it meant.  

He continues: 
"People mostly become aware of it in the sixties as a result of the US space program — it’s very much a Right Stuff kind of word.
The first stages of the flight of Apollo 10, like most of the flights that led up to it, have gone like clockwork. In the words of ground control at Houston, everything has been “copacetic” — a term of undetermined origin which means perfect.
Chicago Tribune, 20 May 1969.
But even in the USA it doesn’t have the circulation it did thirty years ago."
Maybe it's making a come-back? Or was that just a lone sighting I stumbled over?

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