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Monday, 8 April 2013

Tracking Multi Online PR Channels

Tracking online PR - Edinburgh PR agency owner Penny Haywood Calder explains
Generate URLs for each online PR tactic

How do you account for results if you are using a variety of PR tactics to boost traffic to a website?  Tactics like:

  • press releases
  • press and blogger outreach
  • social media.

They'll all be there in Google Analytics, but it will be quite hard to sort out what came from where.

I'm indebted to Jason Poulos at The Buzz Bin  for showing me how.

The answer is to use Google's unique URL builder tool to create custom campaign URLs so that the results generated by all your individual tactics (or channels) show up separately in your analytics results.

There's a separate tool:  the Google Play URL builder for mobile app tracking.

Clever, huh?

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