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Friday, 10 May 2013

Edinburgh Rock - and PR

picture of pastel coloured stripes and USP and PR lettering
Edinburgh Rock, USPs and PR

Sometimes an outsider immediately spots something that we take for granted. So it was with a relative from the Midlands, up here visiting Edinburgh. Now this lady is a superb cook with an excellent, refined palate. So when she insisted she absolutely had to get some Edinburgh Rock before she went back, she said something odd but interesting to a PR: "There's nothing else like it. It's hard to explain, but it's unique."

For those of us brought up here, Edinburgh Rock is part of our childhood. It's no big deal.
For the record, I have to say the nearest I can come to a decription is that: it's a soft pastel coloured rock in a variety of colours with a crumbly texture, an interesting taste and crucially, it melts lingeringly on the tongue.

For me this was a classic example of being too close to something to spot its special qualities in comparison to all its competitors. The thing that makes it stand out: it's USP (unique selling proposition).

I know when I started up in business 27 years ago, I struggled to come up with my USP, yet I knew (perhaps more than most given my profession) that without a clear description of my services, how could I expect others to understand what I do and spread the word? Sheer commercial necessity forced me to apply my mind and test out various versions.
But I always found it dead easy to do for others.
I was too close to see the wood for the trees.

I went through some reasonable iterations of USPs with feedback from others and help from business coaches. My USP progressed as my business developed through PR, editing services, through to PR and content marketing to todays version: getting B2B clients noticed online and in the media.
No doubt it will change again. I notice that people are noting and remembering my current email signature: Helping businesses grow for over 20 years and three recessions
It's perhaps not 'PR' or 'B2B' specific enough but it certainly helps me stand out from the crowd of  'experts.'

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