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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

PHPR ups the rich content on Linkedin to boost online PR

Picture for Edinburgh PR agency PHPR on Linkedin
Just one of our 66,000+ original photos taken by Penny Haywood Calder for PHPR and clients 

Just took the opportunity to post some rich content - still photos mainly - to my Linkedin profile now that this facility is available. I see from Linkedin's blog, they started making this available at the start of May.
I reckon Linkedin is the best place for the owner of a B2B business like our Edinburgh PR agency to place optimised content (apart from the PHPR website and this blog) to enhance search results.
But the real reason is to make my profile look better and stand out. If you're logged in to Linkedin, that seems to work. If you are not, the pictures don't show up on the public profile. I haven't had time to see what new posting facilities are available on our company page yet.
If you want to follow suit and haven't got round to adding richer content to your Linkedin profile, here's my experience earlier today:
Hit 'Profile' then 'Edit' and click on a section to add relevant content. At the top right of each section you'll see 'Edit' plus a new button that looks like a box with a + added that has a little drop-down menu when you hover  that allow you to add pictures and other material by uploading a file or adding a link.
They say you can add content from your Pinterest boards with a link, but that didn't work when I tried and there was no obvious quick fix, so I opted for another tack rather than chase through forums for guidance.
I started posting individual pix, using the file upload option but that was tedious as I didn't see any batch upload option. Plus I doubted whether the Google+ tags and other optimisation elements were holding for SEO benefits.
So I loaded up a cross section of the visual content we've produced into a PowerPoint which I saved as a PDF and then loaded that as a file. That worked fine and allowed titles and content to boost SEO. It also goes some way towards defeating attempts to rip off the pix.
If you want to put up pix that are already stored online at any of the following, it may be worth seeing if a link will work. The named picture sources are:

  • 23hq 
  • meadd 
  • mlkshk 
  • mobypicture 
  • pikchur 
  • Pinterest - doesn't work for me 
  • Questionable Content 
  • somecards 
  • twitgoo 
  • twitpic 
  • TwitrPix 
  • Twitter 

For presentations and socuments:

  • Prezi 
  • Scribd 
  • SlideShare 

Video has its own list, which includes YouTube.

Hope this inspires you and saves you some time.

Do let me know in the comments below if you have any further tips or experiences to add so I can test them out and incorporate them in my workshops and seminars to help other people.

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