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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Video driving sales for accountants

Profitable video services firm set up by leading marketing, video and PR pros

Analysts, trade press, key contacts and bloggers - I'm picking up the same message from them all: 2014 is the year of the video as the Return on Investment for video has shifted from creating brand awareness into actually converting to sales.

Plus video content viewed on mobile devices has gone up 300% in the last year!
It's not that hard to create video nowadays, but for professionals like accountants, it's not always immediately obvious how to use video. A quick search for accountants on YouTube yields plenty of disasters, from the stilted and stuffy, to the plain silly - all nestling amid the inappropriate ads and cute cats. Hardly the place for placing client testimonials - yet they do. As a PR professional, I'm a reputation manager: acutely aware of the big picture: the context around marketing communications activity.

Don't get me wrong: YouTube is good for SEO and general branding, but it's not the place to engage clients.
That's just one of the developments recently around the tactics for effective video. Changes in tactics that broadly echo the wider changes (for the better imo) on Google, YouTube's parent company.

BTW: did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world?

As for embedding YouTube videos on your own website, I heard that practice described at a great webinar run by web hosts Brightcove today as "the equivalent of putting exit signs all over your site..." for very good reasons.

We have been especially focused on video over the last few months as we were approached to join an  interesting JV to accelerate accountants' videos into profitable videos.

The JV involves my husband, David Calder (30 years producing, presenting and reporting at the BBC on news and The Money Programme, plus communications skills trainer, not to mention speech-writer for a  former CBI Director General). He's a fellow professional with a degree in law under his belt.

Plus Karen Reyburn at TheProfitableFirm - the leading specialists in marketing for accountants with an international clientele - see her profile and while you're at it, download some of her freebies.

I'm currently starting to softly create a publicity platform for @accountantvideo on Twitter and we make use of the hashtag  #VideoForAccountants across social media.

We'll be developing a series of webinar based training together, but in the meantime, we're happy to help on a one-to-one basis, from a simple technology advice session on Skype or brainstorming content, to actually helping you set it up and do it.

David is great at getting people to feel comfortable in front of the camera and passes on great tips - so you never have to worry about remembering your words again - or seeing the camera lens ... but more of that later - and no, it doesn't involve surgery or a new brain - or wearing silly specs!


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