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Monday, 5 May 2014

How video story-telling boosts accountancy practices

In evolutionary terms, TV and smartphones haven't been around very long. But story-telling, music and dancing have been around for millennia - so long -  that our brains are "hard-wired" by evolution to respond and remember them.

Story-telling in particular is the mode where people take in messages rather than directly participating. Out of these story forms, there come some particularly successful story formats and characters - the archetypes.
We use these tools a lot every time we need to add interest to a conversation on or offline. When the small talk is dying, it's quickly revived with a story prompt: "Did you see that story about....".
It's also our favourite device in writing interesting case studies, where the problem is described as mountainous and our client rides in as the hero who saves the day.

That's why we are particularly looking forward to the next free webinar on video from The Profitable Firm. It features Chris Payne on how to make compelling video.

He'll cover:

    - Adding a splash of "Disney magic"
    - Making stories compelling
    - Using the the hero journey format
    - Testimonials in story form

If you don't want prospective clients to just think about you, along with all the others on their shortlist, why not discover how to compel them to act?

Register now for the free webinar on compelling video for your accountancy practice on Tuesday 13th May. at

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