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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The hidden factors that seriously boost your B2B PR and online content

Are you hiding your business personalities?

Most people now understand that Google means business when it says quality content is guiding search results. To be fair, they have always said content is king, but until relatively recently found that hard to enforce. Now they are enforcing quality, everyone has jumped on the content band-wagon.

Creating content such as blogs or video is a great way to raise your online B2B business profile to the point where potential customers find you in searches.

But one type of content creation in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest and that's video. It doesn't just help you be found: Forrester Research reckon one well-made video is worth 1.8m words of text online (that's the equivalent of all the words in the Bible & Shakespeare's complete works together, plus another 200,000 words!)

Can you imagine what 50 videos would do for your business...?

The best bit is: if you feature your key people in your videos, you also significantly increase the chances of getting well-disposed new business enquiries. 

Most people don't realise that videos show enough of your personality to enable a potential buyer to decide whether they can work with you or not. Since many B2B relationships are based on trust, that feeling that they can "do business with you" is very important. It's also important to avoid wasting time on the ones that won't gel with your people, and that decision is made for you by the video viewer.

By capturing speech, vocal intonations and accent, facial expressions, fleeting micro expressions, plus gestures and body language, video delivers enough information to accelerate the initial stages of building trust and pre-qualifying well disposed sales leads. Video does this in a way that other forms of communication just don't - bar face-to-face.

By unleashing all these hidden people assets, your business stand to benefit while most of the others hide behind corporate-speak, confining their personalities to static text and profile pictures. 

Just imagine how you can supercharge the reach of your business by posting videos online to make their impressions on people - and Google -  24/7/365.

And of course, any topic that is a good subject for a video can be re-worked for blogs and social media.

Contact us on 0131 669 5190  for help in setting up a video desk or corner to transform inspiration into helpful videos that send your experts out to work 24/7/365 to boost your business. We can help you with media coverage and social media too.

PR blog posted by Penny Haywood Calder at PHPR Ltd, Edinburgh, UK.


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