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Friday, 21 November 2014

Are you setting up a Better B2B Business in 2015 today?

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The nights are getting longer, but there's no need to feel  in the dark about your publicity! Now's the time to begin to think about next year, before the party season starts, so you can get a head start on 2015.

For B2B businesses:

  • Maybe things you usually do aren't working any more? Are you as clear as you can be about what you do, or has the message got more complicated over time? Go back to basics and get your 7-word summary - including an emotional hook sorted out and work from there
  • What's your conversion rate of new business enquires vs actual conversion to sales? That statistic tells you whether you need to take action and provides a baseline to work from.
  • What's your referral rate like? Do you have a Referral Plan - that's often the fastest way to boost a business . We have over 100 referral tactics and most are do-able immediately and won't make you cringe. It's not all about content marketing and social media. People come first and the rest are just tools. But check out Dan Pink's TED talk about why money doesn't necessarily motivate (and can do the opposite) if you were thinking about paying referral fees... 
  • Is it time to look for new things that work - having conversations with existing clients is a great way to find out what they're using and resolve to meet clients on their chosen platforms, or events or.... 
  • No idea why you are beating your head against a brick wall with some potential clients when you have a great solution for them? Sign up for a free Future Sales Factory session to see how you are missing out on half of your true potential clients. It's an eye-opener, I promise and we are not affiliated or in any arrangement with them at all.
  • Ditch the "7 steps to a successful business" generic approach. Bottom line? There is no one-size fits all magic formula for business success. What works brilliantly for dyslexics (and dyslexics are often brilliant communicators) won't work for people who rely on their notes. And vice versa. Like most common sense, it seems obvious, but it's only by playing to your people's strengths that you will create sustainable and authentic content and publicity. Maybe you will find you need to plug some gaps, but that can often be done cost-effectively on an ad hoc basis. 
  • Not making the most of social media and other publicity channels because you have too little time? Take a half a day out to work with us on "doing more with less in 2015" session to get powerful content and authority behind your business to create a platform for success. Practical fusion of strategy and tactics tailored to personally suit your people. Including a 90 day publicity plan, with monthly follow-ups to hold you accountable.

If you want any help, call my PA on  0131 669 5190 to express interest in "A Better Business in 2015", starting with that call today. I'll get back to you to fix a date on either side of the festivities.

And whatever you get up to, have a brilliant 2015, starting from today!

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